Best Room in the House

Best Room in the House

Today, Valentine’s Day 2007, greets us sunny with tons of snow on the ground.  Mac took the SUV to work today and I won’t take the wee car out in the snow.  Consequently, the rib-eye steaks that he requested for  our Valentine’s Day dinner will be enjoyed another day and scrounging is the order of the day.

On Monday, I prepared the recipe from the latest Cook’s Illustrated magazine for Roasted Tomato Sauce.  Followed it to a “T” and we both found it not worth the trouble.  I found the pieces of charred tomato skin off-putting, floated around in the sauce.  I have quite a bit of it leftover and think I will doctor it up with more tomato sauce, add some browned beef, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, leftover penne from Monday, and bake a casserole.  Garlic butter on some rustic bread and a salad of roasted red and green peppers with feta cheese will make it complete. Mac prefers his pasta sauce with meat, anyway.

This morning I prepared some chocolate “lava cakes”. They are in the frig and ready to bake while we are eating our casserole.  I won’t provide the recipe.  It’s easy to find.  I used bittersweet chocolate which is my favorite, nice and rich. In fact, I am snacking on a square with some almonds and walnuts as I write this. After all, dark chocolate is a good addition to one’s daily nutrition, right?  Portion control, my dearies.  Portion control.

Sounds like a decent dinner for tonight.  I have some ideas for tomorrow.  It might be a stew, or soup kind of night.  I guess we’ll find out later.

Happy dining.


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Greetings and Salutations!

I know, I know. One more cooking blog.  You don’t have time to visit the ones you already have bookmarked and why in God’s name should you bother with this one.  You probably shouldn’t.  If you’re like me,you spend too  much time already sitting in front of your computer.  However, there is a chance that I may just provide one little idea that could possibly save your day.  Maybe not.

Anyway, this will start out like a journal of my daily cooking endeavors.  I may or may not furnish complete recipes.  Sometimes, if the amounts seem crucial, I will.  If it is just the idea of a recipe that is important, I will assume you have enough kitchen experience or daring-do to furnish details for yourself.  Naturally, if I have the source of a recipe I will cite it.

As time goes by, this may change to a slightly different kind of blog.  We will see what we will see.  In the meantime, let’s get started.

Today’s dinner will be tricky to plan.  The Midwest is in the midst of a nasty winter storm.  So far we have at least 6″ of snow on top of 3″ left from last week.  At present, it is sleeting, no, snowing, no, raining, no snowing.  I guess it is what meteorologists call a “wintry mix”.  It will get colder and whatever is on the ground will freeze.  Mr. McCade (Mac) works about 20 miles from home, normally a 20-25 minute drive mostly on the interstate.  Every time there is a snowstorm, the 20 minute drive becomes longer.  Last week it stretched to 2 hours.  I knew to have a giant  martini ready for my Lord and Master.  He still had his coat on when he had the first sip.  Back to tonight’s dinner dilemma:  do I plan on his having a 2 hour drive and postpone dinner prep accordingly, or shall I wait until I hear him entering the house?  He may even have to stay in town if roads are impassable.

I had decided on a quick saute of chicken paillards (Kroger did the work making the breasts boneless and nicely thinned) with a sauce of white wine, a few herbs and a touch of cream.  I had planned to steam some new potatoes, roll them in melted butter and have fresh broccoli with a sprinkling of Parmesan atop.  Some cherry tomatoes would round it off quite  nicely.  Don’t know yet what I’ll do.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We do not celebrate it, never have.  But I sometimes make a special dinner with Mac’s favorites, or try some new elaborate dish that I suspect he would enjoy.  I have some ideas for tomorrow but may have to scrounge around and use just what’s on hand if the weather keeps me housebound.  I’ll let you know what’s on the menu tomorrow.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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