Best Room in the House

Best Room in the House

Today, Valentine’s Day 2007, greets us sunny with tons of snow on the ground.  Mac took the SUV to work today and I won’t take the wee car out in the snow.  Consequently, the rib-eye steaks that he requested for  our Valentine’s Day dinner will be enjoyed another day and scrounging is the order of the day.

On Monday, I prepared the recipe from the latest Cook’s Illustrated magazine for Roasted Tomato Sauce.  Followed it to a “T” and we both found it not worth the trouble.  I found the pieces of charred tomato skin off-putting, floated around in the sauce.  I have quite a bit of it leftover and think I will doctor it up with more tomato sauce, add some browned beef, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, leftover penne from Monday, and bake a casserole.  Garlic butter on some rustic bread and a salad of roasted red and green peppers with feta cheese will make it complete. Mac prefers his pasta sauce with meat, anyway.

This morning I prepared some chocolate “lava cakes”. They are in the frig and ready to bake while we are eating our casserole.  I won’t provide the recipe.  It’s easy to find.  I used bittersweet chocolate which is my favorite, nice and rich. In fact, I am snacking on a square with some almonds and walnuts as I write this. After all, dark chocolate is a good addition to one’s daily nutrition, right?  Portion control, my dearies.  Portion control.

Sounds like a decent dinner for tonight.  I have some ideas for tomorrow.  It might be a stew, or soup kind of night.  I guess we’ll find out later.

Happy dining.


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